Making precision farming technologies affordable to every farmer
eFarmer team has come up with a really cool new way of building a tractor GPS antenna
FieldBEE antenna in combination with our great eFarmer app allow us to offer you tractor GPS navigation solutions and autosteer systems much cheaper than competitors.

More than 2 years of work


Hundred successful field tests


We are collecting pre-orders for the 2nd batch

During the development of FieldBEE, we were guided by the following principles:


  • Satellite technology – GNSS, RTK, DNSS
  • Modularity – step-by-step system with upgradable accuracy
  • Configured over air – FieldBEE automatically receives updates of firmware and runs diagnostics
  • Can be used for most precision farming practises
  • Easy to install – does not require any special technical knowledge
  • Reliable – IP67, 2 years of warranty
  • Affordable price

RTK BEE Station

Technical specification


  • Centimeter-level accuracy RTK receiver
  • Multi Constellation types
  • GPS + GLONASS + SBAS 167 channels
  • Update Rate
    – RTK 4cm accuracy (Hz) 1 – 10 Hz
    – DGPS 50cm accuracy (Hz) 2 – 40 Hz
  • Velocity 0.1 m/sec
  • Protocol NMEA‐0183 V3.01
  • RTCM 3.0, 3.1, SkyTraq raw data binary

RTK BEE Station:

  • 2.5m CEP autonomous mode
  • Submeter accuracy – DGPS mode
  • Decimeter accuracy – Float RTK mode
  • Centimetre accuracy – RTK mode
  • Time to First Fix 1 second hot start under open sky (average)
  • 28 second warm|cold start under open sky (average)
  • 90 seconds to 1st ambiguity fixed solution at 7Km baseline

FieldBEE is made with love
and the latest space technologies

eFarmer – effective Farmer app

With eFarmer app you can:

  • Drive with straight, curve and headland patterns
  • Work at night
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Automatically capture field records while driving
  • Create geotagged field notes to record your observations
  • Measure your fields
  • Download reports in Excel and PDF
Our equipment is modular and upgradable:
  • You can start with the Navigation Start package, look how it works at your particular farm for your particular operations.
  • If the accuracy level is not sufficient you can upgrade to 0-4 cm with RTK BEE Station.
  • And later on install autosteer solution using the same FieldBEE antenna.
No need of costly hardware replacement in the future.
How can you use FieldBEE
High accuracy GPS antenna can be used for
Many precision farming solutions:
  • Tractor guidance
  • Autosteer
  • Soil sampling
  • Scouting
  • Mapping
  • etc.
All types of farming operations:
  • Seeding
  • Spraying
  • Tilling
  • Fertilising
  • Harvesting
  • etc.
And many other good reasons:
  • Improve efficiency
  • Save costs
  • Convenience
  • Night work
  • Avoid obstacles
  • etc.

We promise to deliver your FieldBEE in 4 months

if not, we will give your money back!

Navigation Start
€ 547 +VAT
€ 399 +VAT
What is included:
  • FieldBEE
  • 2 year warranty
  • Absolute accuracy: 1.5m
  • Pass-2-pass accuracy: 20-50cm

The accuracy of the system depends on the unique characteristics of your farm such as hills, power lines, available correction signal. We recommend you to start with this system, look how it works at your particular farm for your particular operations. If the accuracy level is not sufficient you can do an upgrade to the accuracy of 0-4 cm with RTK BEE Station.

Excellent for: tillage, spraying and grassland applications.
Delivery: in 4 months. Money back guarantee!
Navigation Super Accurate
€ 1444 +VAT
€ 1096 +VAT
What is included:
  • FieldBEE
  • RTK BEE Station
  • 2 year warranty
  • Absolute accuracy: RTK 0-4 cm
  • Pass-2-pass accuracy: RTK 0-4 cm

Our main deal. Best quality/price solution in the market. Can be upgraded to the autosteer system. The range of RTK BEE station is 2km with radio link and 10km with a cellphone network.

Excellent for: seeding, tilling, spraying, precise measurements etc.
Delivery: in 4 months. Money back guarantee!

Do you have more than 1 traсtor, or need more than one base station?
You can order everything apart in a quantity that you need.

Don’t want to wait 4 months?
Check our navigation solutions that can be delivered in 10 days!
About eFarmer
Our mission is to make precision farming technologies affordable for every farmer.
Developer of eFarmer – a best-rated app on the Google play with 100K downloads from 140 countries.
International team with more than 10 years of experience in IT for agriculture.
Alumni of European Space Agency Business Incubator.

Hurry up!

The amount of devices at this price is limited!

Frequently asked questions
Everything else you need to know

You pay now with the large discount and receive antenna in 4 months. We will make a contract with you. You transfer the money. We deliver the antenna. If you do not get the antenna in 4 months – we will refund your money.

We expect to produce the first batch of antennae by 1 March 2017. However, laying another 2 months for contingencies. So we hope to please you with a new antenna earlier.
If you don’t receive your FieldBEE within the 4 months you can request your money back. This is stated in our agreement.

The system consists of several parts:

  • Field BEE – Rover Antenna – installed on the tractor and allows to obtain an accuracy of 20-50 cm, which is sufficient for many farmers.
  • RTK BEE station – extra antenna is installed in a field on a hill or a tripod / mast and allows for super accuracy of 0-4 cm.
We guarantee the delivery of the antenna within 4 months after receiving the pre order from you. If you haven’t received it within this time you may request a full refund. READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Yes! We ship all over the world. However, shipping costs are not included in the price.
Shipping costs are not included in the price. You can request the price here.
Use of our equipment does not require any special technical knowledge. Simply install the FieldBEE rover antenna on the tractor, connect it to eFarmer application and put RTK BEE station on the edge of the field. For most of our clients, it is very easy to do. We support you with video and tutorial materials on how to install the antenna and start working with the system. However, some difficulties and questions might still occur. This is when you can always contact our support team and get a qualified help.
The coverage varies between 2km with radio link and 10km with a cell service.

First, by pre-ordering the FieldBEE you will receive a great product – high accuracy navigation system with the best software – for the really great price.

Second, you will help us financing the production costs, avoid bank loans and keep our prices low.

Thirdly and most importantly, you will support our company in our movement to make precision farming technologies affordable for every farmer in the world.

Still have questions? Please Contact us.